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exploring culture through football & Fashion

Football Cafe began, during the 2014 World Cup, as an appointment-only shirt shop named Football Concierge. The exhibit contained an installation of badges, numbers, and art that could be applied to jerseys on site.

After the tournament, architects re-designed the space with a kitchen, bar, merchandise display and an expanded gallery next door. The Football Cafe was born, servicing downtown NYC with healthy food, creative exhibitions, and social events.

“The Best Place to watch the world cup in new york city”

now here


Today, Football Cafe has expanded into 3000+ sq ft. clubhouse. Here, hidden discreetly behind an active avocado warehouse, a speakeasy bar serves those having a coffee, bite, or a drink, while a state-of-the-art theater space showcases year round live matches, hosts parties, and produces rotating exhibitions. The basement houses a boutique retail space, featuring original garments and vintage goods imported from around the globe.